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The reorganisation of Northover Bennett & Co.

We are pleased to announce that during September 2015, the Practice of Northover Bennett & Co will be reorganised into two separate Practices but both still operating from our present address and premises

This will have no effect on the way we deliver our services to you as our new Practice, to be called Northover & Co Accountants Ltd, will retain all the clients that either I, Christine Badcock, Matthew Jackson and Kimberley Neve have been dealing with and we will all continue to look after your financial affairs as we have always done.

I am also very pleased to announce that from the start of the new Practice Matthew Jackson ACA will be a Director. Matthew has been working with the present Practice for many years now and qualified with us.

Having said that we will be working from the same address, we find our present offices in the main building to be unsatisfactory with oversized rooms and on different floors, so we will be relocating as soon as is practical to a separate building just across our present car park. The offices here will be more compact and room efficient and being on the same floor will enable us to operate yet more efficiently.

As I mentioned earlier, this reorganisation will have absolutely no effect on the quality of the services that we seek to deliver to you but if there are any issues or concerns that occur to you that you would like us to raise with us please do not hesitate to let one of us know.

We are all looking forward to this change, as with a combination of more efficient offices, long serving loyal staff and continuing investment in new technology, the new Practice will continue to grow and further improve the range and quality of services we provide to all our clients (and future clients).

To enable us to continue to efficiently handle your tax affairs, we enclose a HMRC Agent’s Authority form 64-8 for your signature please and return by post. HMRC requires these forms to have original signatures.

We all very much look forward to our future business association with you.


Mike Northover


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